Strait Engineering Limited registered to practice Consulting Engineering in Nova Scotia in 1983. Providing consulting engineering services to various levels of government, industry and private enterprise. The firm markets itself within Nova Scotia and offers a range of services from conceptual planning to preliminary engineering and design through to project management.

Strait Engineering Limited has been able to respond to a wide variety of client needs. Staff work closely with its clients to achieve practical and professionally sound results. Since staff reside throughout Eastern Nova Scotia, personnel are never far from your project.


Darryl Myette, P. Eng – President
Bruce Latimer, P. Eng – Senior Project Engineer
George Urquhart, P. Eng – Senior Project Engineer
Sam Maasarji, P. Eng – Senior Project Engineer
Kyle Cleary, EIT – Junior Engineer
Ajay Alagarsamy – E.I.T., PMP, Junior Engineer
Ryland MacLellan – E.I.T., Junior Engineer
Trevor Rogers – Survey Technician